Plume Extractor w/ Light & Flexzorb® Microbial Filter


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Eliminates plume during treatment while providing dimmable lighting in your treatment area. Works with replaceable charcoal filters. Includes 1 filter with extractor.

Additional Replacement filters also available. Packages of 3 and 12.

Today, Flexzorb is the world’s leading superior 100%
activated carbon cloth, used globally in a wide range of
applications by defense, medical and industrial sectors.
These range from antimicrobial, anti-odor wound
dressings to purification filters, among many others.

Flexzorb acts as an extremely effective high-purity filter,
separation method, an antimicrobial, or a protective layer.
Key to its very high adsorption* capacity and rapid
adsorption speed are:
• Electrostatic forces within Flexzorb. These adsorb*
large volumes of molecules from various gases, liquids
and other environments including clinical wounds.
• A highly microporous structure. This means that
Flexzorb has a very large surface area. To put this in
perspective, just 1g of Flexzorb has a surface area of
– around half the size of a soccer pitch.
*Adsorption is the process of attracting molecules on to a surface, rather than into something. It is analogous to iron filings being attracted on to a magnet.


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